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Durum Wheat Pasta - Elbow Macaroni (400g) with Cheesy Jalapeno Sauce (130g)

Durum Wheat Pasta Elbow Macaroni

Whip up your favourite mac and cheese recipes now with our Durum Wheat Elbow Macaroni. Elbow macaroni is named for its curved hollow shape and can be paired with a variety of flavours and sauces!

Uses: Make your favourite traditional mac and cheese, or toss it up in a salad with our Italian Herb mayo and veggies, pair it with our pizza and pasta sauce to create a delicious tomatoey macaroni, or create your own unique recipe using our wide range of dips & sauces!

Highlights:  Made with Durum Wheat Semolina, it remains firm (al dente) when cooked right and is an excellent source of natural protein and fiber

Shelf Life: 18 months from packaging date


Cheesy Jalapeno Sauce (130g)

Our Cheesy Jalapeno Sauce is sharp, creamy, and just absolutely delicious.

Uses: Toss some into your vegetables, over your potatoes, with pasta, or use as a dip for a delicious, spicy indulgence!

Highlight: A total all rounder!

Shelf Life: 4 months