Our Story

Wingreens Farms’ vision is to become the perfect model organization while resolving some of the biggest deadlocks that have paralyzed Indian society & industry for centuries. Through demonstration along with education, Wingreens Farms provides farmers with additional avenues of income by employing them and members of their families by shifting the first level of processing to the farms itself. In doing so, the farmers are no longer at the mercy of middlemen in the agriculture sector. Wingreens Farms has developed packages of practices for over 100 crops including herbs, vegetables and flowers that restore the ecological balance of the soil and naturally negate the use of pesticides and chemicals, while hugely increasing productivity.

The 'WIN' in Wingreens stands for "Women's Initiative Network" and forms another cornerstone of the organization, which aims to empower women both financially and emotionally. At the Wingreens Farms Training Institute, rural and semi-urban women are given expert, certified skill training in the fields of food technology, food hygiene and food processing, thus providing them with an array of employment opportunities with Wingreens Farms and beyond.

Wingreens Farms believes that by enriching people and the land around us, an organization can grow profitable and successful in a short amount of time.


  1. Take the most neglected sector in Indian Industry – Agriculture.
  2. Add to it the most neglected resource in India – Land.
  3. Generously add the most neglected members of Indian Society: Farmers, Underprivileged Women, Children and Youth.
  4. Mix in training, skills and motivation.
  5. Carefully peel away the unnecessary layers of middlemen.
  6. Blend thoroughly with the highest level of innovation, professionalism, business and marketing skills.
  7. Plate and serve across all relevant retail channels.
  8. Garnish with the finest most innovative sales strategies.


We understand taste and flavour because we are growers, and have expertise in making fresh products. Many of the ingredients we use are grown on our farm. Our products are handmade fresh every single day in small batch sizes to the highest quality standard, under supervision from qualified food technologists and quality control teams.