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Dips & Spreads

Wingreens dips and spreads are created for a large variety of uses (some even we may not know!). They may accompany vegetable sticks or crackers, provide a new flavour for a salad, and serve as an alternative spread on bagels, sandwich bread or rolls.

Made to be fun and flavour packed they fit any mood and any food. 

Sauces & Mayos

One of the most fun things about trying different foods is experimenting with different sauces to see what tastes amazing. Wingreens sauces are perfect to try on any meal with a simple squeeze of the tube. Handy and versatile in their usage, you can try a variety of flavours such as sweet chilli, cheesy, achaari, spicy, tandoori!   

Herbs & Herb Blends

When Wingreens first started farming we started by growing herbs and selling live herb plants in pots. It was only natural that we should launch a range of dry herbs that make it easy for you to garnish and add authentic taste to your favourite international dishes. These herbs have been carefully dried and packed to retain their full flavour and richness.

Indian Spice Mixes

Wingreens All-In-One Indian Spice Mixes are made with love by combining various aromatic Indian spices to make home cooking as easy as counting 1,2,3 in an easy three-step process. 

Durum Wheat Pastas

Wingreens Durum Wheat Pastas are a natural partner for the multitude of Wingreens sauces. We can proudly say we provide you with the finest pasta that compares with the best in the world. The durum wheat we use makes the pasta healtheir due to its protein content and also ensures it remains firm when cooked "al dente".

Tea Garden

Wingreens Farms' Green Tea is hand-blended with farm-grown real dried flowers and herbs, making a delightful and aromatic combination packed with health benefits that will soothe your soul. 

Healthy Chips

Our Dips always needed the perfect accompaniment and we chose to give you healtheir options that are baked rather than fried. Baking ensures that all our chips have a much lower oil/fat content compared to other chips. 

Value Packs

When you told us you wanted larger quantities of our Sauces and Mayos we launched a range of Value Packs which offer the same convenience of tubes because they can also just be squeezed. 

An easy and cheesy Mexican lunch or dinner dish!
If you’re looking for a super easy and super yummy snack - look no further!
WINGREENS fiery desert mustard has a very strong mustard flavor that elevates the taste of dosa and family loves it.