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About Us

Wingreens Farms’ vision is to become the perfect model organization while resolving some of the biggest deadlocks that have paralyzed Indian society & industry for centuries. Through demonstration along with education, Wingreens Farms provides farmers with additional avenues of income by employing them and members of their families by shifting the first level of processing to the farms itself. In doing so, the farmers are no longer at the mercy of middlemen in the agriculture sector. Wingreens Farms has developed packages of practices for over 100 crops including herbs, vegetables and flowers that restore the ecological balance of the soil and naturally negate the use of pesticides and chemicals, while hugely increasing productivity. (Read More)


Our Social Initiatives

India is facing a food crisis thanks to the systemic destruction of farmlands and food production systems over the last five decades through uncontrolled use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, mono-cropping and other intensive agricultural practices. Wingreens Farms is reworking the manner in which business in the Agriculture sector is being carried out. Through demonstration along with education, Wingreens Farms has succeeded in moving farmers away from traditional, water hungry crops to far more lucrative and water efficient crops. In collaboration with industry leaders Jain Irrigation, Wingreens Farms helps farmers adopt sustainable practices such as the use of microbial cultures, drip irrigation, inter-cropping and compost fertilization - leading to us saving as much as 2,50,000 liters of water per acre per annum, and increasing the farmer's income by 1000% and more (from Rs.20,000/- per annum to over Rs.3,00,000/- per annum). (Read More)