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Sauces and Mayos

Sauces and Mayos

One of the most fun things about trying different foods is experimenting with different sauces to see what tastes amazing. Wingreens sauces are perfect to try on any meal with a simple squeeze of the tube. Handy and versatile in their usage, you can try a variety of flavours such as sweet chilli, cheesy, achaari, spicy, tandoori! Who doesn't love Mayo! Wingreens Premium Veg Mayo is eggless and is made with sunflower oil to give it an even better texture and taste. Wingreens Mayos come in tubes to make it really easy for you to use without need for any cutlery. Wingreens Mayos come in more varieties than you can count on two hands. Our Mint Mayo makes a great dipping sauce or spread, Italian Herb Mayo is great for sandwiches, the Wasabi Mayo is for feisty tastebuds, the Garlic Mayo (Aioli) champions versatility and our Sriracha Mayo serves up a dynamite spicy kick! These are just a few from our incredible Mayo collection. We invite you to explore and experiment.

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