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Fiery Desert Mustard
Fiery Desert Mustard
Fiery Desert Mustard

Fiery Desert Mustard

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Hot and spicy, this mustard is not for the faint hearted. Our Fiery Desert Mustard is sure to set your taste buds alight with tantalising zest, and a kick that will knock your socks off.

Uses: Try our Fiery Desert Mustard with a French fry and you’ll forget you ever heard of ketchup. This mustard goes fabulously with grilled meats, especially fish, and can breathe a fiery depth into your next sandwich.

Health Benefits: Bursting with Anti-Oxidants, Yellow Mustard helps to combat inflammation, and regulate normal cell function, as well as blood pressure. 

Highlights: Gives your tastebuds a kick

Texture & Flavour: Hot, Spicy, Creamy, and slightly tangy

Shelf Life: 90 days