Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks, Over time have developed an unfair reputation for being bland, bad tasting and generally un-appealing. For many a moon, the Healthy snacks and food industry has been crying out for a hero to provide the masses with great tasting alternatives to the generic Healthy snacks available to us. When the dust settles the hero we all need and deserve is Wingreens, With an aim to equip foodies across the country with the tools for Guilt free binging via tasty yet healthy Snacks driven by a flavourful collections of Dips, Mayo, Hummus, Healthy Chips and Sauces. Let us introduce you to a few of the hero products -

Garlic Dip
Our Garlic dip can make some great “low in calorie” Healthy snacks when paired up with Wingreens’ chips or nachos. Roasted garlic when blended with ingredients like yogurt come together to form a rich cream based dip which is really low in caloric value. Apart from yogurt one can also add low fat cheese in the mix and create healthy snacks for the ages.

Health Benefits: Garlic is known to reduce blood pressure, protect the heart, combat allergies and to treat skin infections. Our greek hung curd is also a rich source of protein, probiotics, Vitamin B12, essential Amino Acids, and calcium. It's also great for soothing an overheated tummy!

Freshly baked multi grain Flat Bread
The freshly baked multi grain flat bread provides health and nutrition along side great texture and flavour. This bread can be used with almost anything and especially with all the dips making it the ultimate healthy snacks partner. You can use the dips as a spread and add your own protein to make healthy snacks or sandwiches to munch on while at work.

Main Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour + Multigrains + Flax Seeds + Watermelon Seeds + Mixed Herbs

Health Benefits: Flaxseeds containing Omega 3 essential fatty acids are used to garnish this healthy flat bread. In fact, it is so yummy you will have a hard time believing that something this tasty could be good for you!

Olive Hummus
Made with chickpeas, garlic, Tahini and olive oil, Olive Hummus is loved the world over as great "any time healthy snacks" or appetizers.

Health Benefits: This is one of the best Healthy snacks for gym goers and health enthusiasts as it is a rich source of protein that assists in the development of muscles without any of the saturated fats and calories associated with meat and dairy.

Basil Pesto
Our Basil pesto contains olive, pine nuts and the aromatic herb basil. The healthy basil pesto made from all these ingredients will give you a delicious base for healthy snacks. It is ideal for health conscious people of all ages as it keeps away a host of ailments and keeps your heart healthy and happy. You can go ahead and add it to your pizzas, pastas, soups, lasagnas, burgers, sandwiches, salads and much more. It can also be used as a delicious dipping sauce for chips, carrots, celery and any other healthy snacks one likes to munch on!

Health Benefits: Our pesto is rich in Vitamins & Minerals like Iron and Manganese.

Peri Peri Salsa Dip
A delicious blend of Fresh tomatoes tossed in olive oil gives you a delicious and healthy salsa dip. One can also garnish the dip with fresh vegetables making it more delectable. You can pair this spicy dip with chips, nachos or pita bread. You can also make nutritious and healthy snacks such as pita sandwiches or use it as dressing for your salad.

Health Benefits: It's a great way to make delicious and healthy snacks to eat at any time of day. Feel free to eat peri peri salsa to your heart’s content, as this dip is deliciously low in calories, making weight management an easy task!

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