When Green Tea met Rose, Hibiscus, and Chamomile

AAHH, the skyy is falling! Okay i'm being dramatic *sips green tea*. But like it or deny it, there's toxins everywhere, in the air, and err.. even in my hair!? *quickly washes hair with green tea*

So where do these toxins come from? Well, we know pollution is our enemy, and is making it's way into our water, air, and even our food. But hey, I was always taught not to panic - there are always solutions for everything. So what can we do to keep ourselves healthy?

As our ancestors would say, we should eat well, sleep well... and drink Green Tea. LOTS of Green Tea. Make it a habit. An obsession. My mother does it perfectly. She keeps a fat thermos full of herbal green tea next to her at all times when she's home, and sips, sips, sips all day. Who needs regular water anyway??

I've got to give it to her, Ma knows best.

So we know Green tea helps us fight those evil toxins, while keeping us slim, fit and healthy (if you want to know more, you can read up on all the benefits of Green Tea right here).

Now don't hate me, but I have to be honest - Green Tea tastes a little... boring! *runs and hides*

Okay, before you get all worked up and start yelling at your screen, let me assure you that we at Wingreens Farms have some wonderful solutions - how could we not?

Flowers and Green Tea have given us a love story that's danced delicately through the ages. Balancing and enhancing the qualities of one another. It's actually pretty touching! A little too touching and... uh oh.. *sobs and runs off crying*

Aah i'm back, who doesn't love a good cry eh?

Anyway, we've been growing things for a long time at our farm. Including a whole lot of really, really beautiful flowers (man, I could lie around in them all day). We had already sourced some deliciously fragrant Green Teas, just and as a mother understands what's best for her babies, we knew our flowers would make some of the best Floral Green Teas around.

We make three varieties of Floral Green Teas:

We drink them everyday. We're also fit as hell. Yup.

After a LOT of tea drinking, let me share my experience with these Floral Green Teas, and tell you about the benefits, flavours, and differences between them.

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Rose Petals with Green Tea 

A total mood lifter this one! When sipping on the Rose Petal Green Tea all day, I noticed a strangely satisfying mix of energy (clarity of thought?), smileyness, and calm. I'd recommend sipping on this throughout the day, as it somehow mellows your nerves and stress, while keeping you sharp.

Apparently Rose Petal with Green Tea is known to fight depression and boost confidence, fertility and libido. According to Ayurveda, Rose Petals help to regulate the nervous system, making people more responsive to touch. OooOoooo!

Anyway, this was honestly one of the most refreshing things I can imagine drinking through the winter. Warm on the inside, calm on the ... inside too. hehe.

Hibiscus Flowers with Green Tea

So Hibiscus flowers are known to be paaacked with Antioxidants. Wait a minute.. Green Tea is supposed to be loaded with Antioxidants too..! But that means... ­čśŽ

ULTRA AMAZING ANTIOXIDANTNESS !!! (listen, just relax. everyone's allowed to make up words sometimes).

Okay, so Hibiscus Flowers with Green Tea = laughing at toxins. Check.

Other benefits or Hibiscus Green Tea may include:

  • Helping to lower high blood pressure
  • Lower blood fat levels - interestinggg... good cholesterol boost apparently!
  • A healthy liver boost - by managing fat deposits in the liver, as well as increasing detoxifying enzymes
  • Helps fight bad bacteria in the gut - aah tummy relief. I noticed it really did help with my bloating.

I really liked the Hibiscus Flowers with Green Tea. It was almost a little sour, but in a really nice, flower-tart way. I added a bit of honey and.. perfect. Another great floral green tea for the day time.

Chamomile Flowers with Green Tea

Oh Chamomile. With your wild smile, you make me senile. Fine. You caught me, I write terrible poems.

I do however, have a great deal of respect for this powerful Green Tea. At the end of the day, with my mind buzzing with thoughts, responsibilities, and stress, a pot of Chamomile Flowers with Green Tea quickly became my best friend. Melt.

Let me also say, it is delicious. Light, airy, floral, and a little Apple'y. (I really need to start a dictionary of words that should exist!)

But don't be fooled, there's more to this Chamomile Green Tea than meets the taste buds. Studies have shown that regular consumption of Chamomile Green Tea is fantastic for your hair and skin.

Skin Benefits - It's a cleanser | A healer | Helps to soothe irritated skin | Helps to fight Acne | Helps to clear up swollen skin and dark circles | It's Superman.

Hair Benefits - You know how pollution hurts your lungs? Well, it's equally bad for your hair. Chamomile Green Tea helps our bodies fight. It helps prevent dandruff, strengthens our hair, and enriches it with vibrance.

But wait, there's more!

Health Benefits - You know what, I'm just going to have to list these, there's just too many benefits:

  • Chamomile Green Tea is a godsend for my female friends, as it helps to ease cramping pains.
  • Soothes the tummy - people with IBS, take note.
  • Helps to prevent ulcers
  • Immunity Booster !
  • Helps fight colds, flu, and all kinds of infections.

*starry eyed and in love with Chamomile Green Tea*

Impressive. I could keep going, but I think we've covered a lot here already. I'm also craving a Green Tea picnic now - with sandwiches, pita, hummus, pickles, some bondas... MORE GREEN TEAAA?! Okay i've lost the plot now. Let me just close by saying...

Mrs Green Tea, meet your new best friends, for time eternal - Rose, Hibiscus, and Chamomile.

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